NI Science Festival Artists: Infotoxin

So, if you’ve been paying attention to this blog or one of Maker’s various media outlets over the past month, you’ll have seen us talking about the NI Science Festival which was held in Belfast. (It’s here if you didn’t catch it ->

This is the first post detailing an artist who performed for the handmade electronic music night.

Infotoxin is a chipmusician, synthesist, circuit antagonist & occasional thorubomancer who uses hacked games consoles to produce nostalgic thumps, smacks, beeps and squeals from your gaming past, twisted, distorted and combined with deep sub bass and dubstep rhythms.

Below is two videos from Intoxin’s performance on the night; listen to all the upbeat, chiptuney goodness!


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_maker was founded in march 2012 by Bryan Dunphy, Colin Maher and Thom Conaty with the mission of showing the world that electronics is practical, fun, and not nearly as complicated and inaccessible as some bad experiences from our school days may have made us think. We believe that by teaching DIY electronics through structured, music based projects and contextualising the theory through these projects, learning DIY electronics can be a fun and rewarding experience. Almost as important, is the freedom that DIY electronics provides the electronic musician, allowing to sculpt their own sonic palette. Through an understanding of the underlying electronic principles, musicians can modify their equipment to their own tastes, which means no more boring, off-the-shelf tones! Lastly, knowing how to make your own electronic equipment from kits can save you a lot of money versus the cost of retail products. All you need is the kit and a soldering iron.

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