Muzz Faker Workshop

We recently ran our first electronics workshop, and it was a great success. We were making a fuzz distortion guitar pedal called the “Muzz Faker’ based on the Bazz Fuss design by Christian H. It is a fairly simple pedal to make, but sounds great when used with either guitar or bass!

We started off with some soldering practice, and then simple wire connections to the various components (footswitch, potentiometer and in / out sockets) to get everyone warmed up before moving on to assembly of the circuit boards.
This went grand considering the small spindly nature of some of the board components. Then all that was left was to add the power supply and battery, and cram all the parts in the casing.

After a few false starts with uncconnected wires and touching contacts we ended up with 7 fully-functioning, awesome sounding pedals. After testing the pedals we closed up the enclosures and spraypainted them with our logo and connection labels (beautiful mist decoration was optional).

All in all it was a very productive and fun day.
Thanks so much to everyone who got involved!
For more information about the pedal, or to find out about future workshops, drop us a line…
We will try to get a video up soon of everyone rocking out on the Muzz Fakers, stay tuned!


First Workshop!

We’re very excited to announce our first workshop will be happening this Sunday the 11th of March.
This time we will be making Fuzz Pedals! Stay tuned for further workshop announcements…