New Light Controlled Synthesizer Workshop Added

Hiya Folks,

We’re delighted to announce we have added a new workshop to our roster: The Light Controlled Synthesizer!

The _maker LCS_001

Our Light Controlled Synthesizer (LCS_001) employs Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis using  2 square waves generated by an integrated circuit (IC) known as a Quad 2-input Schmitt trigger NAND gate. The frequency of each square wave is controlled by a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) which are exposed on the surface of the LCS_001’s enclosure. By waving your hands over the surface of the synth you can play the instrument much like the famous Theremin. The LCS_001 also sports a standard on/off toggle switch and a 1/4” output socket for connecting  directly to your audio rig

Our first workshop will be on Sunday, 4th November at the recently relocated Recyclism Hacklab at the CTVR, Trinity College Dublin, where participants will go through the steps of building our LCS_001 (which we also sell in kit form). The workshop will run from 2pm to 5pm and is a fun and simple introduction to analogue instruments, their design and construction, and of course audio synthesis.